Travel by Train |

Travel by Train

My initial travel plan failures opened up many new possibilities for my summer. A few weeks before heading out to California, I got the idea that I could take the train out. It didn’t take much work to cancel my flight (thank you Southwest) and book a ticket from Denver to San Francisco via train. The trip would take 33 […]

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Frederick In Flight |

Frederick In Flight- Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Festival- In a world where it seems everyone is obsessed with technology and celebrities, it’s amazing to find that there are still some wholesome, old fashioned hobbies out there. I was lucky to get to go to the town of Frederick, Colorado (about 30 minutes North of Denver) this weekend to attend Frederick in Flight. This hot […]

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Southern Colorado Spots |

Southern Colorado Spots

I haven’t spent much time south of Denver so it was nice to spend some time exploring Southern Colorado these past few days. I had a couple of ideas of places I wanted to explore and found some surprisingly cool spots. There were a few pitfalls, such as the extreme heatwave which made it really difficult for my dog Luka. […]

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