So You Want To Be A Writer |

So You Want To Be A Writer

At some point, I transformed from a person who writes to a writer. When did that happen? Honestly, I often feel like I’m not even there yet. I’ve had many articles published by a variety of outlets so you’d think I would feel like a writer. But maybe that feeling never really comes. Or maybe I’ve been a writer since […]

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Why Bother With Google+ |

Why Bother With Google+

In a recent post about how to start a travel blog, I flippantly remarked that it wasn’t worthwhile to invest much time in marketing your travel blog on Google+. This is both true and false and I wanted to take some time today to explain why and how I use the network. When Google+ was started in 2011 and it […]

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How To Start A Travel Blog |

How To Start A Travel Blog

Setting up a new blog of any kind can be daunting. In this post, I give tips on how to start a travel blog but in reality, these tips can be used for any kind of blog. So if want to start a blog, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some initial tips to get started: 1. Have […]

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