Discovering Southern Ontario |

Discovering Southern Ontario

Ontario is a huge province and is also the most populated province in Canada. Most of the people in Ontario is crowded around Toronto and Ottawa. There are some other cities in the province but when you get too far North in… really in almost any province in Canada, it gets pretty cold; therefore, less populated. In this post, I’m […]

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24 Hours In Toronto, Ontario |

24 hours in Toronto, Ontario

I was recently lucky to have the opportunity to spend a few hours in Toronto, Canada. I don’t think I was actually there for 24 hours total but I still got to see plenty! I drove to Toronto from Buffalo, New York and loved driving around Lake Ontario. The first thing you’ll see is the skyline, including the amazing CN […]

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A few days in Ottawa |

A Few Days in Ottawa

I am originally from Ottawa, Canada yet every time I go home, I feel like a tourist. I’ve only ever lived in my hometown for a total of 8 years and for three of those years I was a baby. So whenever I travel to Ottawa, I like to check out the sights. The nice thing about the sights in […]

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Canada Travels: 150th Celebration |

Canada Travels: 150th Celebration

In a few short days the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday will begin. The celebration will last all year. There will be huge parties all over the country with the main day of celebration on July 1st.   For the celebration, the country is offering free access to all their National Parks for the entire year. You do need to sign […]

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