Welcome to Roaming In Plain Sight!

I’m so excited to write about my travels and explorations. I grew up traveling the world with my family. Picking up and boarding a plane has always been second nature to me!

I’ve recently been searching for the place that feels like home to me and I’ve realized that I feel most comfortable when I’m exploring a new city; when everything I need is in my backpack or suitcase. So instead of planting myself down in one place, I’ve decided to live on the road as much as possible and will post my journey along the way!

I spent 3 months building a teardrop trailer and have been traveling around North America. In the summer of 2017, I also got to travel to France and posted about my trip.

Finally, I also have been writing about my experience as a travel blogger and how to get over fears of failure and stay positive when being positive is hard in my life lessons section.

Glad you’re here with me! To request a copy of the Roaming In Plain Sight media kit, please email: roaminginplainsight@gmail.com.


PS While you’re here, check out our sister site: In Plain Sight Publishing. The newly formed publishing company works with authors who want to publish books in a hybrid self-publishing/ professional publishing manner.


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