French Food Not To Miss When In France |

Oysters From A Vending Machine? No Thanks.

On my flight heading to Paris, I was reading the local French newspaper and found an article about the latest item to be featured in a vending machine. Oysters!

In America, I’ve found a vending machine for farm-to-table meals. I thing vending machines basically scream old and stale food but if people have figured a way around that, then great. In France, cheese is available from a vending machine. Again… fine. But why? But oysters? That just seems like an invitation for food poisoning.

French Food Not To Miss When In France |

I guess I’m not completely against these convenient ways to get food as a health hazard. I’m just more disappointed because all three of these examples seem to be contrary to the message behind those exact foods.

Eating in France

Eating in France isn’t just about being nourished. If it were, everyone would eat the cardboard-type foods we eat in the States. And everyone would eat at their desk or driving in their car on the way to work. (Yes, I know I’m stereotyping Americans, but as a culture, we eat cheap food and we eat it quickly).

The farm to table movement in the US has the idea of slowing down. The concept isn’t just that your food is fresh, it’s that you are taking the time to enjoy your food, enjoy your time sitting with people (or even alone). That experience just cannot be translated to a vending machine.

The idea of getting good food from a vending machine is novel. But honestly, I think we should let McDonalds serve machine made food and take it slow with the cheese, oysters and fresh food.