French Food Not To Miss When In France

It’s no secret that France has some of the best food in the world. In this post, I wanted to feature some amazing French food that shouldn’t be missed on any trip to France. Here’s my list:

1. Local Markets

French Food Not To Miss When In France |

All over France local markets set up shop on a weekly basis. This is where you’ll find amazing, fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. Don’t shy away from these markets. They are beautiful and sell the best food in town!

A couple of notices:

  1. Don’t pick up your own food. Just ask or point to what you want. In the US and Canada, it’s common to pick your own fruit at a fruit stand. Don’t do that, the stand owner will pick for you.
  2. French Food Not To Miss When In France | www.RoamingInPlainSight.comThis is a notice for both markets and butcher shops. If you are buying meat (anywhere), you may accidentally buy horse meat. If a butcher sells horse meat, they legally need to have a sign with a picture of a horse (see image). Just be on the lookout if you don’t want to eat horse.


2. Seafood

French Food Not To Miss When In France | www.RoamingInPlainSight.comFrench Food Not To Miss When In France |

France has a huge coastline and they have delicious seafood as a result. This is where you want to buy oysters and mussels and really, any seafood. You’ll love it!

3. Cheese (of course)


French Food Not To Miss When In France |

You can’t go to France without tasting the cheese. My recommendation when buying cheese is to try new things. Try things that you don’t really know what they are- why not? And also, look for regional cheese. I spent most of my time in Normandy so I tried the local Camembert and Pont L’Eveque.

A bit about cheese:

Cheeses are all named after the town where that cheese originated. So when I said I had Camembert cheese, it’s because I was in the town of Camembert. There are plenty of different options out there. Go explore!


4. Desserts

French Food Not To Miss When In France |

I lived in France as a child, so obviously, I remember the candy and sweets the best. Above is a photo of a lovely creme brulee I tried. As long as you are only planning to be in France for a couple of weeks, I say just go for it. Try whatever looks like something you might like and haven’t seen before. There’s no shortage of cookies and candies!

French Food Not To Miss When In France |


I asked my niece and nephews (who were on the trip with me) about their favorite treats in France.


Their response was the Carambar (see image).








4. Coffee & Croissants

French Food Not To Miss When In France |

Of course! When in France, grab a cafe creme (espresso with milk) or a straight espresso if that’s your thing. And add a croissant on the side. It’s a great treat!

Note: Don’t ask for a chocolate croissant. That’s not actually a thing. The reason a croissant has it’s name is because of its shape. It’s shaped like a crescent (kind of). So if you want what Americans call a chocolate croissant, what you are really looking for is a pain au chocolat (which translates as bread with chocolate). They are everywhere and they are amazing!

French Food Not To Miss When In France |