Trying New Things: Why Failure Is Great! |

Trying New Things: Why Failure Is Great!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post called: Reframing Failure. I wrote the blog post at a time where things weren’t going according to my plans. At that point in time, things could have turned disastrous. But they didn’t.

I took my ‘failure’ in stride and moved along in life. And I ended up having the best summer  think I’ve ever had in my adult life. I took the train halfwayThe Secret of the Magic Key Book bby PJ Carter | across the United States which was something I’d always wanted to do. I explored the Northern Coast of California (see Mendocino County and Marin County posts). This summer, I also wrote, edited and published a children’s book. And best of all, I spent a lot of time with my family.


If I had stuck it out in my trailer, I would have missed out on all these amazing experiences! Now as the summer comes to an end, my confidence is high and I’m excited about the unknown of what is to come.

Right around the time I changed my summer plans, the Museum of Failure in Sweden was making headlines. No one ever really thinks about all the failure that goes into successes. My sister called me one day and told me how proud she was of me. She said she was impressed that I’d had an idea to build a trailer and travel in it and I’d done it. Maybe it didn’t turn out exactly as planned but I’d still done it.

My sister told me about Sara Blakely whose father used to ask her and her brothers how they’d failed during the week. He was looking for failures because if you hadn’t failed, it meant you hadn’t tried something new. Sara Blakely is the lady who ended up inventing Spanx.

So while I failed, I also learned so much and that is amazing!

Trying New Things

This Fall, I’m working on new projects such as freelance writing for and other publications.

I’m also launching a non-profit publishing company called In Plain Sight Publishing. Initially, my company will launch books I’ve written. And we’ll see what happens after that.