Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip

One of my favorite places on earth is the Mendocino Coast. It’s not fancy or upscale but that’s why it’s amazing. The towns are small and adorable and the coastline is gorgeous. If you have a chance to explore Highway 1 in California, I would highly recommend doing so along the Mendocino Coast!

Here are some great spots not to miss:

Pacific Star Winery: 

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Pacific Star Winery |


A friend of mine recommended I check out this winery and I’m so glad I did. It’s a small operation but the wine is good, the tasting is fun and the scenery is breathtaking. If you’re lucky you might even see whales off the coastline.

Pacific Star Winery is the only winery in the world with a fault line named after it! They even have a wine paying homage to the fault (called: “It’s my fault!”). Most likely, if you go for a tasting, you’ll talk to the owners who are so friendly and happy to tell you about the area and how they started the winery.


Fort Braggg, CA:

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Fort Bragg, California |

The Town of Mendocino is pretty popular. Fort Bragg is just a few minutes North of Mendocino. It’s bigger and less well known (as far as I can tell). There are plenty of tourists in Fort Bragg but it seems like the amount of tourists fit better in the bigger town. The last few times I’ve been to Mendocino, it’s always just felt overwhelmingly crowded. I recommend stopping off at Fort Bragg instead. It’s still super cute (although it does have a Starbucks and a McDonald’s).


Sea Pal Cove:

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Fort Bragg, California |

As I spent time on the Pacific Coast I had a craving for seafood. It seemed there are so many burger spots around. I just felt there had to be some good seafood. And I found the exact place I was looking for in Fort Bragg. It’s the Sea Pal Cove Restaurant. Just check it out. It’s almost exclusively outdoor seating at Noyo Harbor. There’s a fire pit and picnic tables and a great ambiance. Don’t be rushed. My food took forever to come but I didn’t care. I was enjoying the scene. And the fish and chips were just delicious!

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Fort Bragg, California |

Sea Glass Beach:

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Fort Bragg, California |

I’m hesitant to recommend Sea Glass Beach to anyone. Is it cool? Sort of, yes. Is it a bit disappointing? Yes.

Here’s the thing. This beach is known for being made up of just sea glass- gorgeous, right? But the problem is that people have been coming to this cool spot and taking the sea glass home with them. If each person grabs a couple of pieces, it’s not long until there’s not much sea glass left.

If you go, there are signs not to take the sea glass but you’ll see almost everyone there is taking pieces home with them. Also, you’ll find the quantity of sea glass is greatly diminished. The sea glass beach is a man made phenomena anyway (apparently we used to use the ocean as a dump which is what created this beach).

I guess i have mixed reviews about Sea Glass Beach. I liked it but I didn’t love it.

Point Arena, CA:

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip | Point Arena Lighthouse |

Point Arena is a super small town in Mendocino county. It does have a super cool lighthouse just outside of town. I wanted to mention Point Arena because it just seems like such a welcoming little town.

Mendocino Coast- Highway 1 Road Trip |