Reframing Failure |

Reframing Failure

Last week was a whirlwind week. I was so excited to hit the road and travel in my trailer for the summer. It was amazing and it was extremely challenging. I happened to leave during a heat wave so I was driving around New Mexico in almost 100 degree weather. That kind of driving wasn’t great for the car (I […]

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Southern Colorado Spots |

Southern Colorado Spots

I haven’t spent much time south of Denver so it was nice to spend some time exploring Southern Colorado these past few days. I had a couple of ideas of places I wanted to explore and found some surprisingly cool spots. There were a few pitfalls, such as the extreme heatwave which made it really difficult for my dog Luka. […]

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What Am I Thinking? |

Day 2: What Am I Thinking?

Location: Pueblo, Colorado Miles driven so far: 120 Today marks day 2 of my trip. I left Denver yesterday and enjoyed spending the day traveling south to visit a friend in Colorado Springs and then continued on to Pueblo to camp at the State Park there.   The past couple of days have been filled with so many emotions. I […]

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Kids Review Denver Spots |

Kids Review Denver Spots

Before I hit the road, I spent an amazing weekend with my family in Denver. Over the weekend, we hit up three kid-friendly spots in Denver and I thought it would be interesting to hear from the kids. So here is the first edition of Kids Review: Denver!   First, let’s introduce you to the reviewers: From left to right, […]

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